Poppy’s week

Skye spent the longest time away from home last week at Scout camp. She had a fabulous time, canoeing, swimming, rope-a-phobia, walking, playing cards, cricket, rounders,  making dens amongst other things including a day out to Thorpe Park.  Hoping she will blog 🙂

So, back tracking slightly, on the Friday evening after work we had a lovely evening bbq-ing with friends we haven’t seen for some time, our girls and their girls P and L had a fab time and were reluctant to leave, even though it was 10pm and Skye and L had to be up early the next morning as they were both going to camp (not together!).  Arrived home and packed some of Skye’s things, leaving the rest until the morning.  Saturday we were all up fairly early.  I helped Skye pack the rest of her case whilst Poppy and Wayne took Skipper for a walk.  H took Skye and C  to camp, Poppy skyped her friend  P for ages and there was lots of giggling and laughter 🙂

Poppy did miss her big sister but we did lots to keep her busy.  Sunday Wayne went into work and Poppy and I went to a local country park where they were hosting a Roman Day.  It was ok but I was a little disappointed.  The advertising for it made it seem much bigger than it was 😦 but the weather was nice and we had a good walk and Poppy made a Roman head out of clay which was rather fab 🙂  Monday morning Poppy got out the calligraphy set and had some fun with it 🙂 Went for a dog walk and after lunch decided to go to Hamerton Zoo, meeting up with friends.   Saw some very cute baby meerkats and a gorgeous 7 month old lar gibbon 🙂

Tuesday we had arranged for Poppy to have a sleep over at the old manor with C and R (at Poppy’s request) but after careful consideration, she decided it was perhaps a little out of her comfort zone so we decided to meet them at Hinchingbrooke Park instead.  We took along pond dipping stuff and were a little disappointed not to get our ‘usual spot’ due to a group of 4 or 5 ‘teenagers’ occupying the boardwalk drinking ‘coke’.  So we walked a little further round the lake and found a bench in the shade, no board walk but a gentle slope to the lake so we stopped there.  The girls had a great time wading in to their knees, Poppy lost a flip flop and R got herself a little stuck in the mud but they had a giggle.   So, after a lot of net waggling we decided to head back to the cafe for refreshments, the girls went off to get themselves an ice cream whilst M went back to top up the tickets on the cars and i sat and bag watched.  When M returned I went to the cafe to get ourselves a nice cup of tea only to be told they were closed!! 4.01pm! Closed! 😦 So we sat and chatted, tea-less.  Had a lovely afternoon, despite the lack of tea!

Wednesday morning Poppy and i went for a lovely long walk with Skipper, passing the veg shop on the way to pick up some salad bits for lunch.  Poppy was over the moon that the sold doughnut peaches so we picked up a bag of those too 🙂  On the way home, Skipper decided to have a splash about in the brook, it was rather hot and he just couldn’t resist the temptation!

Back home we had a lovely lunch of breaded camembert and salad, Poppy got out the calligraphy set and had some fun with it 🙂

Poppy's week 001

Also did some crocheting and made pom-poms 🙂

Poppy's week 004 Poppy's week 005

Poppy's week 006

I helped pack Poppy’s case ready for her 3 nights away with Nana and Papa in their caravan.  This was a massive step for Poppy as she has not stayed away anywhere on her own (without Skye) for as long as i can remember, let alone being so far away from home! 🙂 She had a fabulous time and would quite happily have stayed longer!

So, Wayne and I were home alone from Thursday until Saturday.  Worked Thursday and Friday with a trip to the cinema Friday evening to see Super 8.  Pretty good, Stephen Speilberg sci-fi thing.  Saturday Wayne went to work and I pottered about, made some play dough for my friend’s sons birthday party, whilst waiting for Skye to return home.  She arrived home around lunchtime and was absolutely exhausted! After lots of cuddles and excited chatter I sent her for a shower whilst I unpacked her case and loaded the washing machine!  She didn’t really wear much of what she took but dumping a soaking wet towel in the middle of her case meant most of it needed a rinse through!  Made her some lunch and a cup of tea and we chatted some more before Wayne arrived home.  I then made my way to the Norfolk coast to stay overnight with Poppy and my Mum and Dad to bring Pops back on Sunday morning.  Had a lovely evening with them. Went down onto the beach, took some pics, looked in the rock pools then went into Cromer for something to eat. We were planning on going to a pub/restaurant but unbelieveably everwhere seemed to stop serving food between 8 and 8.30 so we ended up with chips on the seafront 🙂 Followed by a stroll along the pier, finishing off at the amusements to play the 2p machines – i won a keyring! 🙂

Poppy's week 016

Poppy's week 014

Poppy's week 012

Poppy's week 039

Thanks Mum and Dad 🙂

Made a phone call home and Wayne informed me that Skye had gone to bed v early!

Sunday morning Poppy and I made our way home and Skye and Wayne popped to Hamerton Zoo to look at the baby meerkats 🙂 We all arrived home at much the same time.  Had lunch then all went round to J’s birthday party 🙂 I ‘volunteered’ to ‘entertain’ the children;  play-doh, face paints and mask making all went down well and the weather was v good to us.

Monday, the girls were very tired in the morning so after getting dressed, we took Skipper for a walk and after lunch the girls did a good couple of hours writing poems and short stories to enter into some creative writing competitions we had found online.

Popped to the library, Skye chose some books, not about vampires! and Poppy had decided she wants to read Harry Potter so we’ll see how that goes.

Home for tea, another dog walk then an early-ish night for the girls. Skye chosing to read and Poppy started to blog her holiday 🙂


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  1. oldmanorborn
    Aug 09, 2011 @ 13:06:27

    Am so glad Pops had a wonderful time. She should feel very proud of herself.


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