Poetry, stories and other things

The girls really seem to be enjoying creative writing, poetry, story writing, and so think we are going to focus on lots of reading/writing for a bit. So far this week, Poppy and Skye both blogged. You can read about Poppy’s holiday with Nana and Papa here and Skye’s scout camp here. 🙂

Just noticed that Poppy and Skye both have draft blog posts, almost, but not quite finished, from our holiday last September! Maybe with all this enthusiasm for writing they might get them completed and posted! I thought i was bad! 🙂

Skye submitted a poem competition entry 🙂 and Poppy is busy writing a short story for the same competition 🙂 Skye has also been busy writing a story, not sure if its going to be short or not yet!

Poppy has also been playing lots of hangman and word games with me recently so spelling confidence improving 🙂

She has also had her eye on getting herself a Blue Peter badge and has picked out a couple of wildlife photos she took to send in and has expressed an interest in doing more photography. A new camera might be something for the Christmas list 😉


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