Pre-holiday week

Pre-holiday Poppy had two riding lessons, both on a lovely horse, Coral who is a requires a little less encouragement to get moving. Poppy was particularly happy on her last lesson as she went on a hack 🙂

We did more fruit picking, the girls have earned themselves about £20!

Sunday we spent a lovely day at Stanwick Lakes withe the H family 🙂 Skye, Poppy, A & E had a great time at the play area and even managed not to get wet! Definitely a wellies and change of clothing place but they did well to resist the stepping stones in the ‘moat’ and all children came home dry, well almost, i think there was one soggy foot! Downside were the amount of wasps and the car parking charges which they have sneakily put up for bank holidays/summer holidays. 😦

Wayne had to work Saturday and Bank Holiday Monday so the girls and I spent Saturday in town getting last minute holiday bits and Monday we sorted and packed. The girls made a den in the garden, rescued a young hedgehog who was wandering around in daylight, releasing him in the garden in the evening 🙂


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