Arts Award – Gouache

Fridays is usually a Daddy home ed day but I was lucky enough to take a Friday off work and go along to one of their Arts Award sessions. This week they were working with gouache (pronounced gwash). Its a bit like watercolour but thicker, the colours are more vibrant and it can be layered. Only downside is that you have to wait for each layer to dry before applying the next.

So, what did they do? Well firstly Leigh gave them a small piece of paper and asked them to draw simple shapes onto it.

DSCF0519 DSCF0520

They they chose a selection of colours and ‘coloured in’ the shapes using the gouache.



Once this was done, they could then add some decoration, swirls, spots and anything else they wanted to enhance their work. Finally they outlined selected bits of their picture with a black marker pen. The results were fab!

Skye's finished gouache painting

Poppy's finished gouache painting

They were then encouraged to choose a picture from a magazine and try to recreate it. Skye chose a butterfly and Poppy chose a turtle.

The idea was to sketch the picture first then apply a block colour, building up colour and textures. Leigh did say that many artists who use gouache often have 3 or 4 paintings on the go so as they can allow time for each layer to dry yet still carry on with their art work!


Concentrating hard


Poppy's turtle

Skye's butterfly

They’ve yet to complete these paintings as we have no gouache at home and they ran out of time in their lesson, but will post them here once they are finished 🙂

After the session had finished, the girls had a quick play at the park, sharing the beans picnic as I hadn’t realised I was supposed to bring one with me! So thank you Chris 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michelle
    Oct 16, 2011 @ 18:21:49

    Fab. Wouldnt have pronounced it gwash. You have saved me from future embarrassment :-). (if I remember!)


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