Wodensmeet – Fireworks, bells, skulls and witches

Our first proper Wednesday get together today 🙂 First to arrive was Helen and BB, Chris and SB were biking the 16 miles from their house to ours! =O Joined shortly after by Merry and the girls and Em with E, R and O.

I had set up skull picture colouring and design as sort of a halloween type art to occupy the children as they arrived so the adults could catch up over a cup of tea 🙂 Whilst they were finishing their pictures we did some basic French conversation. Saying hello, how are you, asking name and age.

Wodensmeet - fireworks bells sklls and witches 023

2011-10-27 11.04.02

2011-10-27 11.04.18

2011-10-27 11.04.29

2011-10-27 11.04.40

Whilst we cleared the table ready for science, we sent the children out to collect twigs, acorns, conkers, leaves and any other nature related goodies so we could do some nature art in the garden. Once they were back, we split them into two groups, one going off with Merry to do poetry, The Witches Spell from Macbeth. Merry read the poem aloud and then they were given the task of creating and illustrating their own spell-binding potion poem 🙂

Wodensmeet - fireworks bells sklls and witches 124 Wodensmeet - fireworks bells sklls and witches 123

The other group started on Science – making gunpowder (legally as it was only in very small quantities) 🙂

Wodensmeet - fireworks bells sklls and witches 021

After swapping round the groups and then lunch we gathered our pots of gunpowder and went into the garden to carry out our controlled explosions!

The results were fantastic! Far better than our previous attempt! This time instead of wrapping the gunpowder in paper we put it directly onto a rock and set it alight! Wow!!!

Wodensmeet - fireworks bells sklls and witches 031 Wodensmeet - fireworks bells sklls and witches 036

Wodensmeet - fireworks bells sklls and witches 048

Wodensmeet - fireworks bells sklls and witches 053 Wodensmeet - fireworks bells sklls and witches 054

Wodensmeet - fireworks bells sklls and witches 066

Wodensmeet - fireworks bells sklls and witches 042

After more tea and playing, Em got out the bells 🙂

There was also some glock and recorder playing 🙂

A few of the children started on creating some nature art in the garden and finished up with this

Wodensmeet - fireworks bells sklls and witches 087

Merry and the girls had to leave but Em and Helen stayed for a jacket potato tea. Skye, Poppy, SB, R and E played Whoonu! whilst BB watched Sharks Tale DVD and O climbed on the furniture making me very twitchy!!!

A great start back 🙂


Artetc – Pumpkins

The morning started with a trip to the cinema to watch Yogi Bear as part of National Films Schools week, accompanied by three of the puddle girls whilst Merry nipped off for an appointment 🙂

Apparently, according to one woman, us he’ers seeing hoards of children together in one place must have been an eye opener! Er, no, not really.

Anyway, film was pretty good; in a nutshell, two bears, a couple of Rangers one meets girl and falls in love, National Park going to close down then a turtle saves the day!

Back to ours for lunch, joined by Merry, then onto the first of our artetc projects of the afternoon.

Pumpkins. Using this website, which has been fabulous for most of our artetc days, we followed the instructions on drawing Hallowe’en pumpkins, colouring them in using Carola twistables.

2011-10-17 14.35.59

After a quick play in the garden, skipping I think, it was back for session two. Another pumpkin, but this time using watercolour and outlinining in black marker pen.

2011-10-17 15.32.01

Really pleased that we are getting back into our artetc days – I love them 🙂

The Wild Place

Today I was lucky enough to have the day off as we were off to Southwold for the weekend to attend the Wedding of Lucy and Gareth (my step-nephew) but before we drove there we spent the morning at The Wild Place at Milton Country Park. Groups can go to learn forest school type things and be at one with nature. These sessions have been arranged through one of our local HE groups 🙂 We had a fantastic morning, learning how to light fires, gathering kindling and keeping them alight! Making bird feeders, cooking pizza in the clay bread oven and cooking over an open fire, even using a lop saw 🙂 There are a whole host of other activities and ideas for future sessions which the girls are very excited about.

The girls had an amazing time as well as learning new skills they climbed trees, made new friends and just loved it! Skye has blogged about it here 🙂

The Wild Place 001

2011-10-07 10.56.41 2011-10-07 11.08.02

2011-10-07 11.08.50 The Wild Place 004

2011-10-07 11.07.30 The Wild Place 006

The Wild Place 011 The Wild Place 038

The Wild Place 026 The Wild Place 029

The Wild Place 033 The Wild Place 057

The Wild Place 039 The Wild Place 040

The Wild Place 003 The Wild Place 022

The Wild Place 037 The Wild Place 050