Artetc – Pumpkins

The morning started with a trip to the cinema to watch Yogi Bear as part of National Films Schools week, accompanied by three of the puddle girls whilst Merry nipped off for an appointment 🙂

Apparently, according to one woman, us he’ers seeing hoards of children together in one place must have been an eye opener! Er, no, not really.

Anyway, film was pretty good; in a nutshell, two bears, a couple of Rangers one meets girl and falls in love, National Park going to close down then a turtle saves the day!

Back to ours for lunch, joined by Merry, then onto the first of our artetc projects of the afternoon.

Pumpkins. Using this website, which has been fabulous for most of our artetc days, we followed the instructions on drawing Hallowe’en pumpkins, colouring them in using Carola twistables.

2011-10-17 14.35.59

After a quick play in the garden, skipping I think, it was back for session two. Another pumpkin, but this time using watercolour and outlinining in black marker pen.

2011-10-17 15.32.01

Really pleased that we are getting back into our artetc days – I love them 🙂


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