Wodensmeet – Poppies, Owls and Gases

Unfortunately, due to Skye having a cold, only the beans came along.

We had a great day, starting off creating this mixed media Poppy picture to mark Armistice day. They worked really well and I was very pleased with the results.

Mixed media poppies

After lunch Helen got on with the science, making and testing for gases. Lots of popping, smoking, fizzing and flames…. like proper chemistry should be 🙂

wodensmeet - gases Wodensmeet - gases 1 wodensmeet - gases 2

We also managed to catch up on Story of the World with Helen and the girls taking it in turn to read.

We had a go at making some cute miniature owls.


Poppy decided hers looked more like a cat so added a body, legs and a tail 🙂

cat1 Cat

There was also lots of piano practice, including a jazz duet by SB and Helen 🙂

The girls had piano lesson in the evening and before we went in, Poppy had more or less decided this would be her last one as she was apparently rubbish! 😦 Which she is not! After a great lesson, she came out with a Certificate and is happy to continue. Phew!


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