Poppy is 11!

Skye stayed up after Poppy had gone to bed to decorate downstairs, making banners, blowing up balloons and putting out her presents and cards 🙂


Poppy woke surprisingly late this morning but was very excited when she got downstairs and saw her pressies and cards. She got some lovely gifts, a scarf, Dr Who Annual, photo album and lots of money. Skye got her a lovely poncho and we got her Nim the hamster, some accessories and Lego Minotaurus game which she and Skye have hardly stopped playing, making up new rules. We have all enjoyed playing it 🙂

DSCF1791 DSCF1786

It was a very mild sunny morning so we took Skipper to the fields for a run about with his ball which he loved but was exhaused! Then we had lunch, popped to the shops to get a few bits and then went to Hamerton Zoo to make use of our season ticket. We were the only ones there! There was nobody to check our tickets, the gates were open and you were free to go in on trust that if and when you saw a member of staff you pay them the entrance fee! We saw one keeper wandering around and various others behind fencing doing maintenance but none of them asked for money or to see our tickets!

Poppy was really pleased as the tigers were very active, she almost got wee’d on when the huge male white bengal tiger urinated! There were some very cute baby capybaras.

Janauary 2012 Poppy's birthday and CP 014

Janauary 2012 Poppy's birthday and CP 023

Home for tea and birthday cake 🙂


Skye went to Scouts and Poppy spent most of the evening chatting to friends on friendfeed, giggling like a crazy loon!! Think she was drunk on birthday-ness 🙂

Happy Birthday our baby girl, love you xx



An eye for Magritte

Ok, so blogging is behind, by about 3 months…..so I am working backwards…..at least I have started blogging again!

We declared today as our official get back to work day as Wayne was also going back after being off since before Christmas to have the operation on his neck.

Skye started with some maths and Poppy carried on with a lapbook she started last week on hamsters. They both did some reading.

As of Wednesday, we are starting the Physics workbook so they read the first chapter of that together 🙂

Merry dropped off M, A and J whilst she went off for a hospital appointment. We began with card making, Skye made a birthday card for Poppy and M, A and J made cards for Merry as they both Poppy and Merry share a birthday tomorrow 🙂

Next was lunch, finished their cards and then we walked the dog, played pooh sticks on the bridge and stopped off to feed the ducks 🙂

Back home, after discussing the surrealist artist, Rene Magritte, we looked at some of his work and concluded that he liked naked women, curtains, bowler hats and apples!! We then created some of our own surrealist artwork with the help of this fabulous website.

Artetc - Magritte 014

Artetc - An eye for Magritte by Skye

Artetc - An eye for Magritte by Poppy

Once artwork was done they all played Just Dance 3 on the Wii, played a role playing game and did a quiz using questions from our quiz jar 🙂 There was also lots of hamster adoration as we got Poppy a hamster for her birthday…….meet Nim 🙂