Cute Hats

Skye has been sewing again….this time cute little animal hats 🙂

Her first attempt….

Skye's Panda Hat

and then tweaking it to make hat #2

Skye's teddy hat

I think there is a third in the pipeline and will see if i can get her to do a tutorial 🙂



Poppy mentioned the other day that she was trying to find one of her favourite Dr Who episodes about Van Gogh to watch online. This got us talking about Van Gogh’s his work so I set the girls a challenge to recreate Sunflowers in their own style within 20 minutes. They both chose watercolours and did a beautiful job.



Historyetc – Exploration and Discovery

It was only us and the Beans today at Historyetc 😦 same as the last one if I recall correctly!

Today was all about Exploration and Discovery. We started by discussing Helioscentrism and the solar system whilst creating the planets out of fimo. The three bigger girls, Skye, Poppy and SB worked together, whilst BB created her own. Once put together it looked fab 🙂


Inspired by some of the foods that explorers such as Columbus or Magellan may have used; spices, pulses, garlic and onions. Lunch today consisted of lentil dhal, onion bhajis, rice and flatbread. (aka wraps 😉 ), followed by dark chocolate chip cookies in celebration of the discovery of cocoa 🙂

yummy dhal and onion bhajis onion bhajis

making cookies

We talked about Ships Logs and the sort of information that would have been put into them. I read a couple of poems I found about Columbus’ voyage and left them to get on with creating their own Ships log. We also used some book binding techniques 🙂

Here are some pages from Skye’s;

Ships log ships log Ships log - the end

We went on to make some origami boats whilst discussing the slave trade and then Gutenberg and his introduction of movable type printing 🙂

origami boats

Another lovely craft packed day 🙂


I have been browsing the internet, mostly via Pinterest, for craft ideas and came across these gorgeous votives. These would look lovely out in the garden on a summer evening 🙂

illuminated votives

They were very simple to make.

This is what you need:


First measure around the circumference of the jar and then the depth of the the jar. Roughly cut out strips of fabric approximately 1cm wide to fit.

Next coat the strips of fabric in pva glue mixed with water (approximately 2 parts glue:1 part water), squeezing off any excess so its not dripping. Then place the strip inside the jar, patterned side out.


Using a brush, gently smooth over to remove any air bubbles. Continue to do this all the way round the jar. Leave to dry overnight.



For the purposes of the photos, I used tealights but its probably adviseable to use battery operated tealights or those little battery powered led lights would look lovely too 🙂

For Le Repos des Hiboux

Whilst staying with our friends Nicki and Paul in France earlier this year at their beautiful gite complex in the Charente,  Nicki asked the girls if they could make some fimo keyrings for their gites, L’Athena, Les Tournesols and The Wheatfields.  This weekend we finally got round to doing them.

The girls are really pleased with them, they have done a really great job.  I just hope Nicki and Paul like them too 🙂

wheatsheaf keyring

sunflower keyring

owl keyring


WedEd – Sewing and Science

An hour before our friends started to arrive for this weeks WedEd I started to plan the art and craft activity! Thankfully it worked well 🙂 We began with creating our own embossed design by cutting out a design from cardboard, gluing it to some paper, covering with another sheet of plain white paper and holding carefully, coloured over the top in coloured pencils.

Poppy's embossing Skye's embossing

Next we took this idea to do some sketching and then recreated it using felt, which is fast becoming a favourite fabric in this house 🙂

flowers Sweet Trees - Skye

felt patchwork

Skye is planning on making a patchwork bag with her designs 🙂

After lunch and a play at the local park, Merry and co left, leaving just HH, SB, BB and us for science. We have reached the last chapter in our RS4K Physics syllabus and as usual HH made it fun 🙂 Their task was to design and test their own experiments.
They all did a fab job and helped each other to set up and test. There was of course fire involved, well if you give children the opportunity to use ANYTHING they like then fire comes top of Poppy and BB’s list, but in fact ALL their experiments involved matches and fire lighting!

Poppy’s experiment on paper:
Poppys science experiment design

Setting up:

Dit it work?

Yes it did! 🙂

Not forgetting Health and Safety 😉

Skye planned her experiment but it’s not been tested as she was far too busy sewing 🙂

Skye's science design

There was also some French reading and vocab as well as lots of playing.

I enjoyed being left to babysit Bene whilst Merry popped out – he was as good as gold 🙂

babysitting Bene

We missed Em and co being there though – hope you feel better 🙂

Fabric Wreaths

The girls have been busy crafting (again!) and made these beautiful fabric wreaths. A great way to use up any scraps 🙂

Skye's fabric wreath

And Poppy’s

Poppy's fabric wreath

1. Take one wire coat hanger and pull the bottom to create a circle with the hook bit at the top.
2. Tear fabric into 1″ x 5″ strips
3. Tie fabric strips onto wire hanger and push them closely together until completely covered.
4. Wrap fabric round the hook bit to cover it.
5. Add buttons, ribbons or any other bits you fancy.
6. Hang and admire 🙂

These look lovely and can be adapted for any occasion or season. Thinking a nice Christmassy one 🙂

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