Meeting Fred Weasley and other things

This week the girls have been discussing what they would like to do when they get older. Currently Skye is very keen on becoming a photographer and Poppy has had a mix of ideas and would like to be an actress or work in theatre as a make up artist or hair stylist. She considered owning a tea shop as she loves baking and if she did have one, would like on like this which is not far from us so I have promised the girls we will go there in the next few weeks 🙂

Poppy has been baking and cooking lots this week and made a delicious chocolate cake which we shared with my Mum and Dad and their neighbours, who have since asked Poppy to make on for them and they will pay her! 🙂

The girls do so much sewing and craft that it seemed sensible to convert their playroom, which was more of a storage room for their toys and games, many of which they have outgrown and no longer play with, into a sewing/craft room. We started at 8am and finally finished at 4.30pm!! I really did not anticipate it taking that long, but it is fab 🙂

sewing/craft room

sewing/craft room

sewing/craft room

They were reluctant to permanently part with many things as Sylvanians and Littlest Pet Shop toys and so have put them ‘into storage’ for now :), but we did get rid of lots to charity/freecycle and the rest we will car boot to go towards our travel fund 🙂

The new room has had lots of use and Skye has been recycling old clothes turning an old unwanted red jumper into a cardigan 🙂

The unschooling method I suppose we have more recently been following seems to be working; Skye and Poppy have happily been doing lots of maths, despite me telling them to get on with whatever they want to. I suggested sewing or sketching. Poppy said ‘its actually quite fun doing work as we haven’t really done it for so long!’.

We had an Artetc day at Merry’s and they had fun creating some 3d hand art

Skye's 3d hand art

Popp's 3d Hand Art

And mine
Zoe's 3d hand art

Our current Artetc theme is animals, so they also did some sketching, the theme being Under the Sea

Poppy’s Harbour Porpoise
Popp's Harbour Porpoise sketch

Skye’s Underwater creatures
Skye's underwater sketch and watercolour

Despite the raining season we appear to be having, the annual Charity Cricket Match in our village still went ahead yesterday, albeit later than scheduled, which meant I was able to take a walk after work with the dog and the girls to watch (not that I am at all interested in cricket, but a certain Harry Potter star was playing :)) The girls met some friends their and they managed to make their way into the VIP area and stalked and chatted with James Phelps aka Fred Weasley! Apparently he was very lovely and happy to chat to them, signing their HP book and posing for photos 🙂

Charity Cricket Match - Meeting James Phelps (Fred Weasley) 004

Charity Cricket Match - Meeting James Phelps (Fred Weasley) 012

Charity Cricket Match - Meeting James Phelps (Fred Weasley) 007


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