A moshi mix of things

Another crafty few days here. Skye and Poppy have been designing and making their costumes for the forthcoming ‘Beans Annual Summer Party’. The theme this year is Mythical Creatures. Unfortunately I cannot disclose details of costumes at this stage but one in particular is looking rather lovely 🙂

The girls and I made a birthday present last week for a Moshi Monster mad 8 year old. We framed his name featuring a Moshi character and made a Moshi card and have since had a request from for Moshi Monster Finger Puppets. These only took about 4 hrs to make, not the neatest of things but I think he will like them 🙂

Moshi monster finger puppets

Poppy got out the science kit this morning and had some fun mixing chemicals 🙂

Untitled Untitled Mixing Chemicals

Maths has been a popular choice this week too 🙂

Poppy has gained a guitar, courtesy of freecycle 🙂 and Skye has continued to practice her piano and is sounding lovely 🙂 She was rather surprised that I was able to accompany her on the recorder without reading music 🙂

Poppy's guitar

Skye has been spending a lot of time with local friends and is enjoying the independence 🙂 She is also now actively looking for a Saturday job for September. My baby is growing up 😥

We are all going out this evening Wild Food Foraging, something I have wanted to do for a long time and I noticed a free event at a local country park 🙂 We have also put our names down on a waiting list for badger watching and a bat walk 🙂


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