Food for free

This evening we learned a little bit about foraging for wild food 🙂 It was a free pre-bookable event at Nene Park. We met up with one of the parks Rangers who took us on a guided walk introducing us to many familiar plants and flowers you can eat. It was quite fascinating. I think the one that impressed me the most was the lime tree with its edible leaves, which can be used like lettuce and the scented flowers which can be dried and infused in hot water to make tea. The leaves actually tasted good and I could imagine tearing some off to go into a sandwich 🙂

Daisy petals, who would have thought about eating those? Burdock roots, which is the bit you can eat, can only be harvested in its first season. Hogweed I will avoid, there is one type which can be eaten but another is poisonous and can also be confused with water dropwort or hemlock.

And that sticky weedy stuff we all used to throw at each other when we were younger (and still do!!) is edible. Can be chopped up and put into omelets and quiches!

We learned lots tonight and looking forward to getting on with some foraging of our own 🙂

The most important lesson; if you can’t accurately identify it, DON’T EAT IT!

foraging foraging


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