Village show and apple picking

We entered some classes in the village show last weekend.  Skye entered a fantastic sketch, a handmade jewellery and a photograph, I entered a photograph and Poppy entered handmade jewellery, flapjacks and a photograph.


Both girls did really well, Skye got a first and a third, Poppy gained 3 third places.  Apparently our village show has been running every year since 1898 and one of the classes was to make a garment and the class was split for married and unmarried women!

During the course of the day we did some tidying up of the garden, which started because I went to pick some apples from our tree which is rather large so Wayne hacked a few branches off!  We then dismantled the net around the trampoline as it was very tatty and the girls rarely used it because there being cobwebs and spiders on the netting and it was under the apple tree which restricted their jumping.  So after using the trampoline to jump and pick apples,  we removed the net and moved the trampoline 🙂   It has had lots of use over the weekend 🙂 We hung a swing seat that we had sitting in the garage for years from the apple tree, moved our garden seat where the trampoline once was.  We bbq’d and spent the rest of the evening sitting in our new garden ‘snug’.

Apples from our tree 🙂
apples from our tree

Chilling in the garden 🙂


Sunday morning Wayne and the girls went off to a carboot and I took Skipper for a long walk up the ‘hill’ not really a hill, more of an incline to most but its our ‘hill’.   I saw lots of dragonflies and was disappointed that I didn’t take my camera with me 😦 I also passed a tree laden with elderberries – just need to remember a carrier bag tomorrow to collect them in and search for something to make with them 🙂


The girls arrived home from the car boot with a few bits; clothes, shoes and some other bits and pieces but they spent wisely 🙂

Wayne and I sat out in the garden and the girls skyped their friends for well over an hour!

The girls have started to settle back into a routine and asked me to re-do some tick sheets for them to work from. Both are enjoying conquer maths and really like the way each task is explained clearly. Skye has been taking lots and lots of photos, mostly of Poppy and has started her own photography blog, so please keep checking back to see how its going, she will be thrilled to have ‘visitors’ 🙂

There has also been lots of singing and piano playing and reading. I am currently reading The Hobbit to the girls as we are all keen to see the film when it is released later this year but really wanted to read the book first. I think I read it at school but can’t really remember it.

Not sure if I have blogged this before, sure I have, but Poppy has a German ‘sister’ through En Famille. She is so excited as we will get to meet her and her family next month when they come for a visit and then all being well F will come to stay with us for 3 months from January 2013!! 🙂


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. HHaricot
    Sep 23, 2012 @ 23:23:40

    planning on bringing all the stuff to do microscope stuff with 🙂


  2. HHaricot
    Sep 23, 2012 @ 23:24:17

    humph! meant to say that on weds if you have elderflowers and apples, we could make apple pies?


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