Under the Microscope and other things

Last Friday the girls started back at the Wild Place and were busy clearing nettles and thorny bushes to make a pathway for the visitors to the country park πŸ™‚ They really enjoyed being back although it was hard work and they came home with scratches and stings 😦

We geocached and visited family over the weekend, Poppy and I went on a bat walk and on Sunday evening we spent a lovely evening with The Manor Borns πŸ™‚ Skye came away happy having purchased a telezoom camera lens from M πŸ™‚

Monday and Tuesday the girls worked on lapbooks (Industrial Revolution for Skye and Owls for Pops), conquer maths, and reading. The have both decided to learn to speak Greek using the BBC site πŸ™‚

Wednesday was first WedEd get together for ages, unfortunately minus Merry & co due to illness 😦
We started with some Monochromatic Painting. Using pre-cut some geometric shapes of varying sizes, they chose a shape and created an overlapping pattern on a sheet of paper. Next they chose a color and then changed the colour by adding only black or white to it. Once dry, outline the shapes with a black marker pen. They looked pretty good πŸ™‚

Monochromatic painting Untitled

Untitled Untitled


There was also an option to contribute to Sketch Tuesday but I think only Skye and maybe Poppy did this πŸ™‚

We had a bag of apples from our tree that needed eating up and I did manage to collected a fair few elderberries on our walk yesterday so the kids made a huge apple and elderberry pie with home made flaky pastry. IT WAS DELICIOUS:)

apple and elderberry pie :) Untitled

HH bought along her laptop and microscope and Em had a really great hand held microscope that plugs into the TV. They all disappeared into the garden to collect some things to look at. They all really loved this and sketched their results onto some Lab worksheets HH had found. The plan is to create a kind of portfolio πŸ™‚

Untitled Untitled


spider under the microscope Untitled

Skye spent a lot of the day taking photos, testing out her new zoom lens πŸ™‚ Sometimes you just have to contort yourself to get ‘that shot’ πŸ™‚


There was also some music practice, Skye tried out Em’s newest purchase πŸ™‚


Thursday the girls were with Mum and she introduced Poppy to calligraphy πŸ™‚ They also did more lapbooking and Greek.

Friday was back to Arts Award where they learned about Folk Art and made some fab sculptures out of ‘junk’.

Poppy’s Folk Art Dog πŸ™‚
Poppys folk art dog :)

Skye’s Folk Art Mouse:)
Skyes folk art mouse

The even came home and wrote it all up! Our aim is to get everything written up and presented by Christmas in order to gain their Bronze award so we can start on Silver Poppy’s ‘German sister’ F is here πŸ™‚

This weekend we have been busy decorating πŸ™‚ I have painted the downstairs shower room a gorgeous purply pink although i am not totally happy with the finishing off – I rushed it and my edges are wobbly 😦 Wayne has started to tile the upstairs bathroom but we need my Dad and hisn tile cutter to finish off πŸ™‚ Skye has gone to A’s for a sleepover and we were hoping to sit down and watch the last Dr Who of the series however the Weeping Angels got the better of Poppy and we had to turn off 😦 She really does not like them and was so desperate to watch it but couldn’t – maybe tomorrow.


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  1. hharicot
    Sep 29, 2012 @ 21:49:16

    we had a lovely weded day πŸ™‚ dr who got less scary as it got on


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