More Tree Hugging

We finished off the decorating on Sunday, I managed to sort out the wobbly edges in the shower room and the new shower curtain arrived this morning, I am quite pleased with it now πŸ™‚


Wayne prepared a yummy stew and I made some dumplings to go with it πŸ™‚ We watched Dr Who, I sobbed through it and Poppy hid behind a cushion and between us we gave her a running commentary!

Skye’s macro lens arrived today so I imagine there will be a few macro photos appearing on her blog in the next few days πŸ™‚

We were a little late arriving at our second session ‘Making Friends with Trees’ today as we had the plumber in sorting out our boiler.

It was fine, HH text me just as we arrived in the car park to let me know where we could find them πŸ™‚ We didn’t miss much and quickly caught up with everything. Today they were looking at the Walnut tree. They missed all the ‘facts’ but fortunately SB had done a really good job of taking notes so they could write them up from hers πŸ™‚ There was some sketching and measuring and even managed to sneak in a quick geocache πŸ˜‰





Some of the children were bug catching and found a beautiful furry caterpillar, that BB later identified as the caterpillar of the Pale Tussock Moth.

Caterpillar of the pale tussock moth :)

Skye felt that she was a bit too old for these sessions (and she is) and was quite happy taking photos πŸ™‚


Back at the hall there were plenty of activities, walnut babies, walnut tortoises, wax resist leaf rubbing, making cookies and walnut ring boxes.



They gathered together all the printed information on Walnut Trees so they can complete their scrapbooks tomorrow πŸ™‚

Once home the girls prepared dinner (lentil bolognese) and walked Skipper, we collected Wayne from work and Skye and another friend volunteered to help out at Cubs for the next 3 months as part of their Explorers Platinum Award. She really enjoyed it and they have been given the role of ‘games organisers’ πŸ™‚

Skye and her friend A tried out athletics last week, their first session and they had to run 1000 meters! She didn’t love it but has said she would go back again next week, think that might be more to do with the chance to see her friend A on a regular basis πŸ˜‰ Her legs ached for about 3 days afterwards!!


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