WedEd – More microscopes, Autumn art and poetry

I didn’t need to worry about planning an art activity for WedEd this week as SB had prepared a lesson as part of her Arts Award. She did a really great job organising and ‘teaching’ a Paul Klee style of art with an Autumnal theme.


Science was interesting, looking at the bacteria that had been growing in their petri dishes for the past 2 weeks.




Merry did some Poetry, reading October by Edward Thomas and then asking them to write their own poem.

October by Skye
The time has come with the bright red leaves
Where you start to see your breath in the sharp cold breeze
And the wind whistles through the skeleton-like trees
With every step I crunch the falling leaves.
You start to notice the dark nights drawing in
The calming sound of robins singing
The beautiful fiery colours the Autumn’s bringing
The coming of Winter is so very thrilling.
For some its good, for some its bad
It might even make people sad
For me this month is a happy time
Its the time that makes everything shine.

October by Poppy
Beautiful colours
Scuttling squirrels
Crispy golden trees

Cool air
Birds singing
Gently falling leaves

Robins peeping
Juicy blackberries
Cold damp breeze.

There was lots of trampolining and playing outside including a walk to the park. They made fimo witches following a quick tutorial by Merry 🙂

In the evening we went to the cinema to watch the new Tim Burton film ‘Frankenweenie’. Wayne fell asleep *tut* but us girls enjoyed it 🙂 Poppy drew a really fab sketch of Weird Girl and Sparky and made her own version Mr Whiskers to go with her fimo witch 🙂

Weird Girl from Frankenweenie

Sparky from Frankenweenie



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  1. hharicot
    Oct 15, 2012 @ 13:56:44

    I think SB did a good job with her art 🙂 but also her friends are something special in that they were all happy to sit down and learn from and do something with her 🙂


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