WedEd – Halloween meets Christmas

Up late, rushed about and Em arrived 20 mins early after teasing me that she too was running late so completely didn’t expect her to arrive early!!! Shortly joined by the beans then the puddles – a full house 🙂

We began with pumpkin carving, I was expecting there to be lots of pumpkin flesh to make soup however these were clearly not the right type of pumpkin 😉 and out of 9 pumpkins we only managed 1 1/2 pounds of flesh but this was fortunately enough to rustle up some soup 🙂



The pumpkins looked fab against the gorgeous red leaves in my garden ðŸ™‚ which sadly all fell off last night because it’s turned very windy!


O and I baked banana muffins 🙂


Next they split the into two groups, one science and one poetry.

Thanks to Alison, the kids now have the use of a fabulous microscope and spent the session looking at onion skins – it did look pretty spectacular 🙂

IMAG3581 IMAG3584

Poetry, Merry read ‘The Lady of Shallot’ – Poppy loved it 🙂 They were asked to illustrate the poem which both girls did but neither were happy enough with their sketches for me to post 😦

After lunch Merry gave a quick fimo tutorial for fairy houses made around small glass jars and showed various examples on Pinterest. They all did an amazing job and they looked gorgeous 🙂 Photo courtesy of Merry – thank you 🙂

Fimo fairy house workshop with the WedEd kids.

Whilst fimo-ing was going on Helen and I made some bread dough so it could prove whist they were busy and I also made some pumpkin soup with a little less pumpkin than i had hoped but it still tasted delicious 🙂


Once fimo was cleared away we made the rolls to go with our soup and popped them in the oven 🙂

I made contact with a local community day care centre to ask if the children could showcase their musical talents at a Christmas concert. They replied with a ‘yes please’ so today we began practising the bells 🙂 Considering many of them hadn’t played since last Christmas they did pretty well 🙂


Another fab day 🙂 Thank you all for your contribution 🙂


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  1. HHaricot
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 22:54:58

    it was a great day 🙂


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