Girls were busy coppicing at the Wild Place on Friday not sure what they got up to when they got home. Chippery tea followed by The Middle and Modern Family 🙂

Saturday I was hoping to start on my secret santa but wayne had other plans and we ended up decluttering, sorting and moving the bedrooms round.  I have never seen the upstairs of our house in such turmoil – it was quite stressful, there was stuff everywhere!!  The girls were really helpful and sorted out all the drawers in their rooms and the wardrobes in the spare room, one of which we moved into our room after dismantiling and disposing of our wardrobe, we also moved our bed to another part of the room and now our room looks twice as big!!  We were incredibly ruthless and what we didn’t ebay, we donated to charity 🙂 To be honest, you would look at our house and wonder where all the stuff came from! Our house is pretty tidy and organised – mostly down to Wayne 🙂 Sunday was finishing off clearing out the spare room which will become F’s bedroom.  Wayne and the girls took all the charity stuff to Woodgreen and I finished ebaying the last few bits. It feels good to declutter and means there will be less to do when we go off on our travels but on the other hand when we prepare to go off on our travels there will be so much more to get rid of!!!

In evening we suggled up and watched a film, Cowboys & Aliens

Today was going to be a baking/cooking day but instead Mum picked us up and we visited my sister who is recovering from an op.  Had a lovely day, and her partner D cooked a fabulous veggie chili 🙂  Came home via the drs as Skye had an appointment with the nurse for her tetanus jab.  The nurse was lovely and very easy to chat to, she had pink in her hair, brighter than Skye’s (as hers has faded a fair bit) and so they were chatting about that.  The Nurse had a random informative chat about std’s (with my consent) and then they had to listen to my mum chatting about them on the way home…….obviously so embarrasing as there was not a sound from them!!

Skye helped out a Cubs, she is really enjoying it and is quite popular apparently 🙂 She has her favourites, though she know she shouldn’t and has been very responsible, planning and organising games. Tonight they played ‘Find it’ -she send the cubs out of the room, hid an object and they came back in looking for the object and when they spotted it, didn’t say anything just made their way to the centre of the room and sat down. Skye played it at a Victorian Themed party a couple of years ago and thought it would be fun – none of the cubs had played it before and loved it! She came home happy 🙂

Tomorrow is baking day 🙂


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