Flood warnings and other things

Other things that have happened over the last week.

The girls had their final animation session but unfortunately they didn’t get to complete within the time allocated due to high numbers of children vs laptops/software available although they will hopefully get to finish it at the next Arts Award. They have loved the animations sessions, spent time with exisiting friends and making some new ones too 🙂 We are hoping to continue working with this group in the new year on other projects/workshops which the girls are looking forward to.

After hearing about one of our friends sons recent application and interview to get into college to persue a career in photography, Skye is getting anxious about not being good enough at maths and have been making special efforts to do maths at least once, sometimes twice a day! 🙂 She is developing a very mature attitude to her work, probably because she has a goal and seems determined to reach it 🙂

There has been conservation group, this week they were laying bark chips around the site. I really need to go back and visit to see what work they have been doing. Sounds like there are quite a few changes since I last visited! Thankfully the weather stayed dry for them as we have had so much rain! So much so, my Dad had to pick me up in his 4×4 on Thursday so i could get to work as we couldn’t get off the driveway!! We live very close to a brook which is mostly fairly shallow but with the amount of rain we have had over the past few days alarmingly rose the water levels! Though within 24 hrs the flooding had susbsided, although the brook remains very very high and we have been issued with a flood warning for the weekend 😦 eep!!

I finished part one of my Secret Santa and will hopefully finish part 2 this weekend 🙂 Poppy’s is fabulous and she should be finished this weekend too 🙂 Skye still has lots to do, she has a plan and if she is left to get on with it she should get it done this weekend. Wayne’s is simple and won’t take long at all, I just need to remind him to do it 🙂

I have spent many hours gathering inspiration and ideas via Pinterest and have so many projects I want to do with the girls 🙂 Merry and I are going to get back to our Artetc days so watch this space for more fab art projects 🙂

The girls have been Skyping various friends, I love hearing them giggling and chatting. I love Skype and its great for the girls having many friends dotted around the country 🙂 Though saying that I am constantly losing my laptop, which incidently has a screen fault and so needs to be sent back under warranty for repair/replacement so we will be laptop-less for a couple of weeks!! Argh!!! Its still useable but the screen is ghosting and has flickery lines running down it so not ideal 😦

Its going to be a busy weekend, Wayne wants to do some more decluttering, clearing out all the girls workbooks. We more or less know which workbooks the girls will be working from and need to get rid of the ones that they no longer use or need. Saturday evening we are visiting friends and are very much looking forward to that. Sunday is likely to be a crafting/baking day 🙂

There has been lots and lots of dancing, mostly to Gangnam Style – that song is driving me mad!!!!! Although they do dance well 🙂 Poppy has expressed an interest in starting dancing again so i need to look into that. Skye has decided that athletics is not really her thing and would rather do something creative, she would ideally like to do something like Stomp but I don’t think there is anything like it around here. They are both keen to try the circus skills workshop so will definitely take them along to that.

Unfortunately we are forecast a very wet weekend and so we are keeping fingers crossed we don’t flood, though our house is on a slight uphill slope so we should be ok!!


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  1. HHaricot
    Nov 24, 2012 @ 01:10:00

    sunday supposed to be fine 🙂 as looked up for ice skating! hope you get no further flooding.


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