Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to me :)

So, since F arrived on Thursday its been a busy few days.

Friday we moved F’s bed into Poppy’s room. We waited until she arrived so she could decide if she wanted to share or if she would rather have her own room. She wanted to share. We had to go out and buy 2 desks for their room so they have somewhere to sit and draw, do nails, make up and Skype 🙂 This took most of the day!

Saturday I have no idea what we did!

Sunday was a busy day, we had lunch at my Mum and Dad’s, meeting up there with my sister, her partner D and his son D to exchange presents 🙂 Then off to my auntie and uncles for our family Christmas get together. We had a lovely evening, Poppy and F took their guitars and sat with my cousin strumming and singing, we played games, my Uncle had made/prepared some games which were fun. As usual there was plenty of food and it was good to see everyone again 🙂

New Year’s Eve we visited Wayne’s Mum, played games and food shopped on the way home. In the evening we went along to the Beans to see in the new year. The Raines were also there so F got to meet a few more of the girls friends and they had fun gaming, chatting and using their mobiles!! 😉

Loved the indoor fireworks, especially the ‘pooh’ one 🙂 Played ‘Survive’ which I enjoyed, nothing to do with the fact that I won 😉 Would have liked to have played more games but I have no idea where the evening went!! We left at 1.30am with three very tired children 🙂

New Years Day we were all very tired so just chilled out at home, played Carcassone, Forbidden Island and Blokus, went for a long walk and had a yummy lunch of roasted vegetable quiche, roast potatoes and salad 🙂

Today was my birthday 🙂 We were expecting our friends from France but unfortunately due to illness we had to sadly cancel 😦 Sending get well wishes to G and looking forward to seeing them in 2013. After opening my cards, including home made ones from each of the girls which were lovely 🙂 we had breakfast and went into Cambridge. Wayne had booked a table at Prezzo for lunch which was yummy 🙂 The girls had some pocket money and so went off together to shop whilst I hunted for some boots, which I got along with some other bits 🙂

Once home F told us about a game they play at home. You each have a sheet of paper and write headings, for example Country/Town/Celebrity/Animal/Musical Instrument/Brand. One person says the alphabet in their head and another says ‘Stop’ and then using whatever letter they stop on, everyone thinks of something beginning with that letter for each category and writes it down. The first person to fill in each category with a word turns their paper over and everyone else has to stop writing. Then you score – 20 points if you are the only one to have written anything in a category, 10 points for a word different to everyone else, 5 points if your word is the same as someone else’s.

We did some doodling, looked through F’s school text books, did some Geography, matching Countries to their capital city, discussed some English history. F was explaining what she knew about 1066 complete with diagrams of the invasion 🙂 Apparently she likes history 🙂

I had a really lovely birthday. A good start to 2013 🙂


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  1. hharicot
    Jan 03, 2013 @ 22:24:33

    happy new year and happy birthday 🙂 2013 is going to be a fab year


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