Poppy is 12!

For the first time, for as far back as I can remember, I worked on Poppy’s birthday 😦 A complete oversight and I feel really bad about it 😦

However, I was not going to go to work without seeing my little girl open her presents 🙂 She was very very tired but didn’t mind being chivvied along 🙂 She received some lovely gifts and lots of money. She is not sure what she wants to buy yet so we will put it in the bank for now 🙂

Unfortunately Wayne and I had to attend the funeral of our friends Dad after his sudden death only a few days before Christmas 😦

Poppy, Skye and F had a great day, watching films, gaming, crafting, using Poppy’s new hair curling wand, painting nails and doing all those other girly things 🙂

I got home from work and we had Chinese take away for dinner, which was lovely 🙂 Poppy enjoyed her choctastic birthday cake, we had a game of Dog and she went to bed a happy girl 🙂

I didn’t get many decent photos 😦 but you can see some Skye’s blog post here 🙂

Happy Birthday, we love you Popsy xx


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