Time Travel – Part 4

We returned to Germany for F’s confirmation as I had been asked to be Godmother – needless to say I was very honoured and touched and couldn’t say no 🙂

We had the best weather, the sun shone for the whole weekend 🙂

The girls went out into town on the Saturday and the grown ups had a wander around the botanic gardens 🙂



Loved this insect hotel 🙂


In the evening we were introduced to a fab garden game called Viking chess or Kubb.

Sunday morning woke up to more beautiful sunshine, a perfect day for F’s confirmation.  All the girls looked gorgeous 🙂  I was a very proud Mum and Godmother 🙂

The church was packed and thankfully I only had to stand up front and smile 🙂 The choir were fab and even sang a familiar song….Abba’s ‘Money Money Money’ which was quite funny 🙂

Back to the house for champagne 🙂




After a lovely lunch we retuned back to their house, relaxing in the garden drinking champagne and watching the sunset over Dusseldorf 🙂


The following day the girls went off to school and D, C, Oma, Wayne and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and spent the day at a beautiful park which had buildings dotted within it containing art and sculptures. In the middle of the park was a brilliant buffet style cafe/restaurant that served a variety of teas and coffee, bottled water and food which is grown and sourced within the grounds, so free range eggs, bread made fresh on site, apples from the orchard and freshly prepared salads and the best thing about it was it was included in the entrance fee 🙂







A rare exhibit 😉




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