Contour Drawing

This morning both girls sat with maths books but just couldn’t get motivated to do anything so Skye got out her art book and started with sketching a face, she then showed me blind contour drawing. Basically you use you pen or pencil in a continuous movement and draw something, without peeking! Sounds easy but it’s so tricky not to look. Suggestions to help are to attach a paper plate to your pen. It look fun so Poppy had a go and then me, I find it difficult to resist getting involved with art 🙂

This is Skye’s sketch and some blind contour drawings, I particularly love the collection of faces. I think in a frame they would look rather cool 🙂

15600945847_e6651d4b9c_o (1)   15787740192_9cde342ab5_o


15166169404_05112c4c83_o     15601289370_de02e2d72a_o (1)


and mine…I like the bear but I don’t think he is plump enough 🙂  I might add some colour to the flowers though.

15166164674_d486a03735_o 15166695773_53c3f87e58_o

Poppy added some colour to hers and created another sketch inspired by contour drawing;

15601427850_6196f69360_o  15600840248_dcab2dae6a_o

Loved doing this 🙂



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