The future…

Its been a while since i blogged, we are still here home educating but i have just lost my blogging mojo as other things have been going on around us, however i thought it important to continue with this blog so i can keep check on how things are going 🙂

So, we made a decision about a month ago to enter Skye into two exams this summer!! Eeek!! She will be taking English IGCSE and Maths GCSE.  Preparation has been mostly using practise papers for both subjects with a little extra help from a very lovely friend with the Maths 🙂  Although not a big believer in GCSEs i think if Skye can achieve C grades or above it will help her access a college course or apprenticeship a little easier.

We attended a college open day at the weekend, we all really liked the college but Skye is still undecided what path she wants to choose.  I think being such a talented artist she should enrol on the art course but she is not convinced she wants to go to college. She quite likes the idea of earning and studying at the same time in which case an apprenticeship would seem the sensible choice, the stumbling block being she has no idea what she wants an apprenticeship in.  We have another 2 local colleges to see and hopefully after a little more discussion she might have a little more focus.

Apart from English,Maths and art/photography, Skye isn’t really studying anything else at this time.

Poppy is also completing some of the Maths GCSE practise papers and she thinks that she might like to take an exam or two next year. She is still doing English bookwork and also Art, Biology and Geography. We have had confirmation from a local college that Poppy can start their 14-16 year old Hair and Beauty course from September 2015 and will be fully funded 🙂 Woohoo!!

Poppy and I are putting time aside each week to do something arty together.  Taking inspiration from our friends over at The Frog Academy we created some beautiful watercolour flowers.

This is mine


and Poppy’s


I chose to outline mine in a fine pen, Poppy went with a bolder outline which i though might be too much but i think i actually prefer hers 🙂

Poppy has also been doing lots of cooking and baking and made a delicious cannelloni dish with cottage cheese and spinach 🙂


We are lucky that our friend who helps Skye with her maths also has an indoor pool so Pops had lots of fun with her friend B whom she hasn’t seen for a while 🙂