We’re back!

Well we have been away from this blog for quite a while. After our Eurotrip the girls decided they wanted to try secondary school.  It was a bit of a sad moment for me as I really missed having them at home.  Long story short, school didn’t really work out for either of them.  I think the integration process was non-existent, going from working in small home ed groups to a school with 1600 pupils was somewhat overwhelming, that along with disruptive classes and hours of homework it just wasn’t what they expected so we made the decision to de-register them and go back to home ed so here we are 🙂

We haven’t really pushed the girls since they came back out of school, we took a few weeks to chill and get used to being at home together again.  They both really miss Art, they are both very talented artists and gained a lot from their teachers who saw their talent and gave them lots of encouragement and great opportunities.  Something Poppy in particular struggles with the most from being out of school is being surrounded by people and friends, she made lots of friends and really enjoyed the social aspect. The downside was that their personalities changed so much and their behaviour at home was quite very challenging at times and they picked up some bad habits 😦 However, we seem to be back on track and have a plan, Skye is hoping to start an Animal Care course next September and she has a work placement at a local cattery for Spring next year.  We are meeting with a local college next week as they have provisionally said that Poppy can attend one day a week on their 14-16 year old Hair and Beauty Courses from September 2015 and we are also going to discuss the possibility of Skye attending to do English and Maths 🙂

We are only really focusing on English, Maths, Biology, Art and craft.  Skye is also interested in Psychology and has some workbooks which she can flick through at her leisure 🙂   We are not sure at this stage whether we will do exams, after discussions with colleges it may be possible for Skye study English and Maths GCSE if necessary alongside her chosen college course.

So today, I woke up feeling very positive.  I had a lovely walk with the dog, though I was sad to see that the huge weeping willow opposite our house was being lopped and was no longer weeping 😦 The rest of it was lopped later this afternoon, it looks so bare now!


I got home and the girls had decided to bake a cake, which was very yummy 🙂 They even cleared up after themselves!


We spent an hour working together on biology, cells and tissues which they have both already covered, and remembered 🙂 but we have decided to start from the beginning of the book again 🙂


After this they worked together on CGP GCSE Maths and Skye also did some reading whilst Pops watched Miracle on 34th Street courtesy of the Christmas channel 🙂 Love that film 🙂

I had a bit of a mishap with the oven door and the front glass has shattered 😦 The hinges broke yesterday and I forgot so opened the door letting it fall open and it hit the floor smashing the glass. Could really do without things like that interfering with what has so far been a very lovely day :/ Grrrrrrr…..